First personal experience being a PhD student

My Name is Laura Schwan and I’m working in the SPP2315 of the german research foundation.

What I want to say is: Don’t be so hard to yourself, it’s okay to fail. That’s also the point I want to work on during my PhD because I’m a very self-critical person. I started with my PhD in january this year and I made a huge progress to accept, that also bad or unexpected results ARE results. Sometimes it has no personal reasons that things don’t work. So to conclude everything I wrote: Being a PhD student isn’t about having a title, it’s a huge self-development process.

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  1. Susan says:

    Very well written! Learning from success isn’t so difficult, learning from failed attempts (though I don’t like this term, I’d rather call them humps on the road to success) is a great deal as it gives you a boost in self-confidence. Never doubt yourself, but also never be too shy to admit something didn’t go right and that you learned from it or even asked for help from others.

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