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From science to fuel!

What is science? Finding communicable patterns in a huge amount of data that itself is smaller than the data because of the limited amount of brain capacity we have. So this means that science...


Batteries and cakes

Similar to cakes, batteries are composed of different ingredients that need to be brought together. For a new type of battery, the so-called all solid state battery (ASSB), all these ingredients are powders like...


The first year of being an PhD student

It is not something new. In a world of reasearchers, it seems as if everyone knows how it feels to be a PhD student. You are usually very young and just finished your Master’s...

How to become Spiderman?

Being able to climb walls would be fun, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, mother nature – a.k.a. evolution – successfully prevents us humans to do so. Thinking of small animals like geckos and spiders, their gamechanging...


What is CombML?

CombML is a concept proposed by some researchers in Standford University, which stands for the full name of combustion machine learning. Machine learning, a data-driven method, is gradually used widely in the combustion research....


Recover metals in a jacuzzi?

What might sound stupid is actually done for ages and even really effectively. One of the most important processes to recover valuable minerals is called flotation. Imagine you through a lot of particles (together...

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